Amy Clare

Amy Houser

Amy Houser is an illustrator and toy designer who has created for such companies as Disney, Mattel, Hasbro, Evil Hat Productions, Penny Dreadful Productions, and more. Her illustrations have been seen on and in such games as Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, Suzerain, and the Dresden Files RPG. She sleeps little, drinks too much coffee, and enjoys her rare free time with her husband in their lovely, occasionally-underwater Victorian outside of Philadelphia, Pa.

Andres Canals

Andres is a UK based artist with a background in graphic design and magazine illustration. He enjoys creating art for various genres including fantasy & sci-fi.
He has illustrated various RPGs and created concept art for miniatures, recently painting custom characters for the post-apocalypse game Reclamation.

Brian Patterson

Christina Silliman

Crystal Frasier

Born with the mark of the dragon, Crystal Frasier has spent a lifetime battling shadow warriors and seeking her missing twin brother. In her mean time, she writes, designs, and illustrates for the downtrodden. Her illustrations have appeared in Core Mechanic's Open Game Table, Palladium Book's The Rifter, and Open Design's Kobold Quarterly, as well as Paizo's line of Pathfinder Paper Minatures.

Emily Vitori

Emily Vitori is an ex-art teacher and long standing gamer from Ohio who has combined her two loves into a freelance fantasy illustration career. She has been lucky enough to work with fantasy author Deborah Teramis Christiansen in the past, and is currently working on projects for Heroic Journey Publishing and Synergy RPG.

Grace D. Palmer

Originally from West Virginia, Grace D. Palmer now lives in southern Wisconsin, within shouting distance of Lake Michigan. She is a full-time freelance writer and illustrator with work in a number of RPGs, including Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone and Brass & Steel. Her influences include manuscript illumination, Art Nouveau and the German Renaissance. Other passions include sewing, kitchen alchemy and small furry rodents.

Gwyneth Ravenscraft

Jared von Hindman

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