Jaydot Sloane

Jenna Fowler

Jeremy Kostiew

Jody Lindke

When her kindergarten bookmark design beat out first and second graders--earning her a hardbound Complete Winnie The Pooh--Jody was hooked on drawing. She began freelancing in junior high school and supported herself while attending University of Nevada with single and multi panel comics and illustrations for various local publications. Jody became the first female artist ever to receive the Charles M. Shultz Award from Scripps Howard--presented to her giddy delight by Snoopy himself. After her first novel earned her a Masters degree, Jody left teaching at the university to enter the... read more

John W. Sheldon

Joy Park

Joy Park was born in Seoul, Korea; she immigrated to the US at a young age. She received a BA from Williams College in 2009. Her paintings explore the tensions that exist within the realm of human experiences and human relations, particularly with myths. Her interests lie in the motivations and emotions that drive myths, the way in which they are timeless and continue to persist. Joy Park's work was in a 2009 exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art.

Juan Santapau

Kaitlynn Peavler

Kaleigh Barton

Karen Luk

Karen Luk is drawer of words, writer of images and erstwhile sword fighter. She was professionally published at 17 by Marion Zimmer Bradley for the anthology Sword and Sorceress, but decided to make art instead while in college. She is a graduate of the California College of Art. Since 2003, she has self-published comics that combines her writing and picture making skills to tell stories. Two of her comics Sea Rover & Other Tales and Tales of Encounter are retold folk tales with a twist and original short stories. She also has written and drawn manga lessons for Manga Start a group... read more


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