Liz Radtke

Liz Radtke is a graphic designer in with an extensive background in illustration, having worked in traditional and digital media. Her areas of interest include science fiction, children's books, and graphic novels. Ms. Radtke holds a BA in Graphic Design from the Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX.

Lorena Soriano García

She moves between the fantasy for adults and the illustration for children's books. So far she have published material with Mongoose Publishing, Cubicle 7, Fantasy Games unlimited and others role playing games publishers.
Her style is influenced by comics and cartoons.

Lydia Black

Lydia has been playing tabletop games for more than 14 years, and brings an enormous amount of gaming experience to her drawings. She enjoys drawing characters which defy the typical archtypes of fantasy storytelling, and has worked with two small publishers to bring their independent game systems to life.

Mark Greenchild

Max Brooks

Megan Steckler

Megan is a 30-something cartoonist and illustrator who loves video games, webcomics, and everything geeky. Her work has been featured by organizations such as Blizzard Entertainment, The MMO Report on, Wizards of the Coast, NERO (New England Roleplaying Organization), and various children's picture books. She has a degree in 2D animation and has interned for Zoom Cartoons Entertainment in Los Angeles, and was a summer cartooning instructor for Montecito Fine Arts School in Arcadia. She is happily married to her best friend Glynn, a fellow geek and LEGO aficionado.

Meng Tian Zhang

Meng is a Toronto based illustrator and painter, graduated from Sheridan Tech's Illustration program. Her combined love for classical painting, concept art and illustration inspires her to blend fine arts skills with digital art. She's immensely interested in the development of characters, creatures, and the world they live in.

Robert Scott

Sandy Jacobs-Tolle

Sandy Jacobs-Tolle got her BA from UC Santa Barbara, where she learned more about medieval literature and linseed oil than was strictly good for her. A fan of anime, a video gamer since Duck Hunt, and an avid RPG player and LARPer, she brings her historical geekery to her drawings and paintings with her love of detailed costumes and armor from around the world. Her work has been published in one indie book to date, and she would love to hear you talk about your level 25 anti-paladin. Yes, really.

Sarah Carney

Sarah Carney draws people. She's been drawing since she was very young, and always her favorite subjects were the people and animals around her and in her imagination. She found role-playing in high school and branched out from reading fantasy and sci-fi to participating in both online and table-top RPGs casting herself and her drawings as cheeky bards, pompous warlords, and by-the-book Aurors. Her artistic style is organic, alive and always expressive.


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