Shari Chankhamma

Shari is a comic artist, illustrator, reluctant writer and technology enthusiast. She goes by Shari Hes sometimes.

Sue Rankin

Susan is a writer and illustrator in the areas of web comics and children's books. Her most recent efforts include a chapter book, a story book, and a picture book. All of them contain strong, bright girls as the main characters, so when Daniel and Tracy approached her on the recommendation of another artist, she knew she was the right fit for The Prismatic Art Collection and can hardly wait to get started!

Susan Knowles

Sooz is some white cislady that likes doing comics and illustrations that explore some of the less-covered cultural areas of fantasy. She also likes dogs.

Tanna Tucker

Tanna is a freelance illustrator based out of San Francisco. Currently she is the artist for the indie comic SeaWulfe due out this Fall.

Winona Nelson

An avid gamer and reader as a child, Winona grew up dreaming of making game art and painting fantasy and scifi book covers. She freelances in concept art and illustration and works on Magic: the Gathering cards and Warhammer novel covers.


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