What is the Prismatic Art Collection?

Prismatic Art Collection is a free library of art representing heroes of all backgrounds. In geek culture, there are plenty of Lukes, but not enough Landos or Leias. We want to change that. We're raising funds through Kickstarter to hire a diverse group of artists to create fantasy art depicting heroes of all backgrounds.

Our initial goal is $5,000, enough for at least 20 pieces of art centering on humans in 4 of the classic fantasy role-playing game archetypes. As we surpass those initial goals, we'll explore the world outside our comfortable tavern and unlock additional fantasy races and classes.

Here are some sample pieces from some of the artists who contacted us:

What are our Goals?

Chapter 1: Forming the Party $5,000
We will commission or license at least 20 pieces of art
Base Race: Humans
Base Classes: Fighters, Clerics, Wizards, and Rogues

Chapter 2: Delve into the Mountain Mines $7,500+
We will commission or license at least 10 more pieces of art (total of at least 30)
Unlocked Race: Dwarves
Unlocked Classes: Alchemists, Paladins

Chapter 3: Flight through the Enchanted Forest $10,000+
We will commission or license at least 10 more pieces of art (total of at least 40)
Unlocked Race: Elves
Unlocked Classes: Ranger, Druid
What's in it for Backers?

The art will be Creative-Commons Attribution Share-Alike licensed (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/), so you can download and use the art for your own role-playing games, board games, novels, you name it. Even a small pledge helps expand the library for everyone. For now, higher pledge levels will gain access to the art a bit earlier and, in the future, work more closely with an artist.

What's in it for Artists?

We're looking for partnerships with professional artists and we're dedicated to attracting a diverse group of artists including women and people of color. Please contact us at prismatic_art@sarahdarkmagic.com if you'd like to join us. If you provide original art, you'll be paid a fair rate for your work. If you have existing work that you think will qualify, let us know!

Who are you anyway?

Tracy Hurley is a blogger, podcaster, and freelance writer. Her site, SarahDarkmagic.com, was nominated for a 2011 ENnie for best blog and she has written for a number of companies including Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Kobold Quarterly/Open Design, Margaret Weis Productions, Smart Play Games, and Evil Hat Productions.

Daniel Solis is co-founder of Smart Play Games. By day, he is associate creative director at an advertising agency. By night, Daniel is a game designer always in search of cool representational art for his products. You can find more of his stuff at danielsolis.com

Together, we want to make it easier for underrepresented artists to find work, easier for everyone to find more varied depictions of heroes.

Who are some of the artists who have agreed to work with you?

Ursula Vernon
Jennifer Rodgers
Claire Hummel
Amy Houser
Robert Scott
Liz Radtke
Crystal Frasier
Megan Steckler
Winona Nelson
Grace Palmer
Susan Knowles
Sarah Carney
James Stowe
Karen Luk
Jody Lindke
Meng Tian Zhang
...and more. Currently, we have about 30 confirmed artists overall and we're reaching out to many more. We're adding them to the artists page here as we get their bios and other information.

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